“Mummabubbas came to be when Marie, woman, mother and midwife, aligned her love of being a ‘with woman’ Midwife together with her belief in the benefits of approaching health holistically, mind body and spirit.

For Marie, being a midwife is best expressed by her personal midwifery philosophy, Midwifery is the union of art and science; it is the art of communication, touch and intuition intrinsically linked with the science of research, evidence and knowledge. It is the practice of safe judgement, it is working harmoniously with others and it celebrates the joys of inner feminine strength and individuality. It honours the space for personal transcendence. A midwife is at one ‘with woman’ and midwifery practice is at one with life.

Almost ten years ago, after the birth of her fourth child, Marie’s knowing to become a midwife began. Her births were complicated though overwhelmingly joyous and precious. Since then, she has been blessed with 14 years of mothering four children, a scientifically rich body of clinical practice experience and an innate trust in women and their natural processes of labour, birth and mothering.

This is Mummabubbas. Welcome. It is Marie’s pleasure to introduce her services and a delight to work alongside you as you create and expand the little miracle that is your family.”

– Marie Gentile-Andrit, Midwife and Childbirth Educator